Rush Starts September 2nd

A few of our most notable alumni:

Entertainment & Media

John Wayne - Actor
David Letterman - Talk Show Host
Matt Groening - Creator of The Simpsons
Brad Pitt - Actor
Carson Daly - MTV Personality
Tom Selleck - Actor
Eddie Murphy - Actor
Woody Harrelson - Actor
Warren Beatty - Actor & Producer
Brian Dennehy - Actor
Clarence Gilyard - Jimmy Trivette on "Walker Texas Ranger"


Mike Ditka - Super Bowl winning Coach, Chicago Bears
Mike Holmgren - Super Bowl winning Coach, Green Bay Packers
Drew Brees - Quaterback, New Orleans Saints
Bud Adams - Owner, Tennessee Titans
Woody Hayes - Former Coach, Ohio State Football
Jim Palmer - Hall of Fame Baseball Pitcher
Robert Griese - Super Bowl winning Coach, Miami Dolphins
Eddie Sutton - Coach, Oklahoma State Basketball
Jim Everett - Former Quarterback, New Orleans Saints
Mark DeRosa - Infielder, Atlanta Braves
Jim Palmer - Pro Baseball Announcer & Pitcher
Merlin Oslen - Hall of Fame Football Player, Philanthropist

Politics & Government

Barry Goldwater - Arizona Senator, 1968 Rep. Presidential Candidate
James Brady - White House Press Secretary for President Reagan
Frank Murphy - US Supreme Court Judge
Grover Clevland - President of the United States
Jon Huntsman, Jr. - Governor of Utah
General Merrill McPeak - Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force

Business & Technology

Gordon Gould - Inventor of the Laser
William Marriott - President & CEO, Marriott Hotel Corp.
Michael Rose - CEO, Holiday Corp., parent company of Holiday Inns
Richard Nunis - Chairman, Walt Disney Attractions
Carl Bausch - Chairman, Bausch Lomb
John Gingrich - CEO, Nestle Chocolate
Ben Wells - President, 7-Up Co.
Kenneth Langone - Co-Founder, Home Depot
James Barksdale - CEO, Netscape Communications
Steven Lew - CEO, Universal Studios
Charles Weaver - CEO, Clorox Company
Lod Cook - CEO, ARCO
John Young - America's Most Experienced Astronaut
Greg Harbaugh - U.S. Space Shuttle Astronaut
Dennis Swanson - President, ABC Sports
Dr. William DeVries - Pioneering Surgeon of the Artificial Heart
Gavin & Joe Maloof - Owners, Sacremento Kings
Barry Ackerley - Owner, Seattle Supersonics
Bob McNair - Owner, Houston Texans